The 411

2013: Master's Graduate from VCU Brandcenter in Creative Brand Management

2010: Honors Graduate from Radford University in Communication: Public Relations, Double Minor in Business Management and International Studies

10 years of diverse small business work experience

Social Media and Marketing for two national brands

NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Women's Fitness Specialist


I believe in Helping Others...

I provide digital and social media solutions to small businesses using innovative thinking and bolster those solutions by building and cementing community connections.

Social media has always been a blessing in my life. As a college student, where people saw a space to connect with friends and classmates, my family and I discovered that we could communicate with our entire family abroad. Instead of using phone cards with epic passwords, we could see life happen in real time. As social media progressed so did my fascination, and my career. It started with student work, managing social media accounts for the International Studies program during my sophomore year of college at Radford University and blossomed into a small business where strategy and social media were combined.

Small business has always been my focus. As a student, I watched my mother open proposal after proposal from media management companies, that totaled thousands of dollars every month. These proposals were (and still are!) out of touch with the reality of small business owner needs and budgets. And so my business was born.

Besides growing up in social media landscape, I'm also an Honors graduate from Radford University with a Bachelors of Science degree in Communication: Public Relations and a double minor in International Studies and Business Management. I have 7 years of small business ownership experience and clientele that varies from nationwide brands to local mom-and-pop shops. I also have a Masters of Science from the VCU Brandcenter in Creative Brand Management.